25 Gifts for Film Photographers on Any Budget.

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Photographers are notoriously difficult to shop for. It makes sense – most photographic gear is hyper specific and well outside the knowledge of the average gift-giver.

We’ve gathered some great ideas, all handpicked by real film photographers and given the LL stamp of approval. We’d be excited to receive any of these gifts (that we don’t already own).

P.S. Nobody’s saying that these gifts need to be for someone else….treat yo self. You deserve it.

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Gifts Under $25

If you’re looking for a stocking stuffer or a small gift for a film photographer, we’ve got a handful of great options all ringing in under $25. No need to break the bank to find something they’ll like.

35mm Film Case

This film case by Kodak holds 5 rolls of 35mm film. Made of steel, the case is nice looking, and more importantly, keeps film organized and safe. No more loose rolls getting lost at the bottom of bags!

Film Photo Journal

This pack of notebooks is a tidy place to keep all of the info that one might want to record about each roll of film. For a more versatile option, this is a longtime favorite journal and the best pens in the world.

Shutter Release Cable

Whether used for self portraits or long exposures, a good shutter release cable belongs in every film photographer’s bag. This one will work for any camera with a threaded shutter release button.

Film Photography Socks

Do you know someone who’s interested in film photography and also wears those funky, patterned socks? Great, you’ve already found their perfect gift.

Better Negative Storage

Most film photographers are guilty of keeping a box/bag/pile of disorganized negatives somewhere in their homes. Help them find peace with these negative preservers, available for 35mm and medium format film. This storage box will keep everything safe and sound.

Vintage Kodak T-Shirt

Kodak has released an entire line of t-shirts celebrating their iconic film stocks. As one of the most (if not the most) important film makers of all time, most photographers have a soft spot for the classic logo.

Storage Containers

Most photographers have some drawer or shelf for photo gear that doesn’t have a home. These folding storage baskets are great for lenses, flashes, etc. and equally as handy for non-photo storage. Or check out these drawer organizers for smaller items.

Warm Beanie

Be prepared to shoot photos in any type of weather by keeping a nice, warm beanie in your bag. The classic option from Carharrt received a slight upgrade with toned-down, mono branding, still giving you a great selection of colors.

Camera Bag Insert

While dedicated photo bags are helpful to carry a lot of gear, they aren’t always the most practical choice. We love these camera wraps and inserts that can fit anything you want protected – plus, you can use them with your favorite backpack or bag.

Black Gallery Frames

Holding a physical print of a film photo you took can be a magical feeling. Encourage your person to show off their work – these simple, affordable frames are a great choice because their dimensions keep the 3:2 ratio of 35mm film. No cropping required.

Gifts Under $50

If you’re willing to increase your budget a bit, you’ll have even more great gift options. Here are some of our favorite accessories and other photo related items that come in under $50.

Peak Design Camera Strap

This is, hands down, the best camera strap we’ve ever used. It has a quick release capability and includes multiple “anchors” so that you only need one strap for multiple cameras. It also has quick adjustment points that make changing the length a breeze, even with the camera hanging around your neck.

Peak Design Anchor Links

Some people prefer a more stylish camera strap. Even if that’s the case, they can still take advantage of the convenient, multi-camera system from Peak Design with these standalone anchors that can be used with any strap.

Cinestill C-41 Developing Kit

This kit from Cinestill simplifies the process of developing color film at home. Pair this kit with a developing tank and a film changing bag, and you’ve got all of the basic gear needed to dive into DIY film developing.

Film Developing Cookbook

Anyone interested in developing their own black and white film should have a copy of this book. A fantastic resource that has been updated to maintain relevancy.

A stack of photo books with a camera on top

Photo Books

One of the best gifts for a photographer (or anyone else, for that matter) is a photo book. There are endless options available no matter what type of photography you’re interested in. If you need suggestions on some of the best, check out our list of our 25 favorite photo books that are available to buy right now.

Joby Flexible Tripod

As dumb as these small, flexible tripods may look, they can be surprisingly handy. This version should be fine for most film cameras, with a weight capacity of 6.6lbs. The more expensive model holds 11lbs for long lenses or heavy, medium format cameras.

Gloves for Photography

Trying to use a camera with freezing cold hands is less than ideal. Doing so while wearing gloves might be even worse. Keep shooting through the winter with these windproof, water repellent gloves, featuring individually removable fingertips.

Gifts Under $100

You’ll be able to get an even nicer gift if you raise your budget a bit. Still keeping it under $100, these ideas are great because they’re used on a sometimes daily basis.

Camera Sling Bag

Traditional camera bags have always been extra dorky and this cross-body, sling style bag doesn’t even look like it’s made for a camera. The small size is perfect for most situations and it has all sorts of pockets and sections to keep everything organized.

Peak Design Camera Clip

A sleek alternative to a camera strap, this contraption turns any backpack into a great way to securely carry your camera. The quick release plate gives you the best of both worlds – quick access to your camera at any moment without having to hold it all day.

Anker Wireless Headphones

Wearing headphones while shooting photos is a heated debate topic among some photographers. Regardless, most people use headphones in their daily life and this noise canceling pair from Anker features 40 hours of battery life and hi-res audio playback.

Camera Top Light Meter

While we haven’t personally tried the TTArtisan light meter, the camera top mounting and styling look incredible on a film camera. It’s also convenient that you can leave it mounted to your camera instead of carrying around a separate, handheld meter.

Gifts Over $100

Want to go all out this year? If keeping a tight budget isn’t a concern, these are the gifts we’d most likely choose for a fellow film photographer.

Manfrotto Tripod

Even if it doesn’t get used all the time, a good tripod will come in handy at some point or another. Manfrotto is one of the biggest names in the game and this versatile model is still small enough that it won’t break your back if you need to carry it with you.

External Hard Drive

While film is an analog format, the accompanying digital files are just as important to most people in 2022. Every photographer could use a good external hard drive (or a backup) and LaCie products are beloved by many, many creative professionals.

Sekonic Light Meter

Beginners in film photography are usually content with their camera’s built-in meter, but more advanced shooters may be interested in the precision of a dedicated light meter. Sekonic makes some of the most popular handheld meters available.

Camera Storage Cabinet

For the absolute best camera storage, a humidity controlled cabinet can’t be beat. This is overkill for the average amateur photographer, but could be great for collectors or those who store their gear somewhere humid. Vintage cameras + humidity = not homies.

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