Where to Develop Film in Bristol in 2022.

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If you’re looking for the best places to develop film in Bristol, your search ends here. 

With almost ten photo labs that still offer the service, it should be no problem to find a spot that fits your needs. 

To make things easier, we’ve gathered a list of all of the places that develop film in Bristol. You can find which types of film are accepted and a map of their locations.

Check out the list below and we bet you’ll have a new favorite photo lab in no time. 

Film photo of birds flying over Bristol.

Most Popular Places to Develop Film in Bristol

Let’s first look at some of the most populat options. If you need to develop film in Bristol, we’d start by checking out one of these spots.


Directions | Website | Instagram

With a new location and plenty of devoted customers, many analogue shooters think Photographique is the best place to develop film in Bristol. It’d be hard to argue with them. 

Offering the most thorough list of services in town, they develop all types and sizes of film. 35mm, 120, and large format can all be processed, whether C-41 colour, black and white, or E-6. 

As with many photo labs, Photographique took the 2020 lockdowns as an opportunity to grow their online developing services. That said, you’re still able to visit the lab in person or drop your film at the dropbox outside. 

You’ll have a choice of three sizes of scans, prints (including C-Prints), and framing. They also have some pretty cool merch as well as a new initiative offering limited edition runs of prints by local photographers. 

We won’t beat around the bush – this isn’t necessarily the cheapest place to develop film in Bristol, but the price is certainly worth it if you need the best quality you can find. 

Jack’s Lab

Directions | Website | Instagram

Jack’s Lab was born when a Bristol photographer started developing his friends’ film during COVID lockdowns. Somebody had to do it! 

This new lab can develop 35mm and 120 medium format, whether it is colour, B&W, or slide film. Usually, you can expect a 2-3 day turnaround time to get your photos back. 

Since this article was first published, Jack’s Lab has already moved to a larger space and started hosting a variety of community events centered around analogue photography.

Silver Pan Film Lab

Directions | Website | Instagram

Silver Pan Film Lab is a small operation focused on high-quality film developing. Turnaround times are very long, but everything is done by hand with an emphasis on customized services. 

If you’re looking for the fastest film developing in Bristol, you’re going to want to look elsewhere. But if you’re looking for a lab that will work with you to get your images exactly how you want them, you may be interested. 

Silver Pan Film Lab offers developing of 35mm and 120 film. C-41 colour, black and white, and E-6 can all be processed.

They have an interesting option for a monthly membership. This entitles you to a set number of rolls of film developed each month at a discounted rate with a quicker turnaround, and other discounts on services. 

Film photo of a Ferrari with the reflection of trees in the windshield.

Clifton Colour

Directions | Website | Instagram

While you’ll be limited to very specific types of film, you may still be interested in checking out Clifton Colour.

This lab offers 35mm and APS film developing, so long as it is C-41 colour. 

That said, they do offer fast film developing, with standard service running about 24 hours, and express, same-day service available. 

This is a full-service photo lab, so you can find any type of printing, scanning, and photo finishing on top of film developing. 

Bristol Cameras

Directions | Website | Instagram

Established in 1995, Bristol Cameras is a full-service photo shop with digital cameras, accessories, and fortunately, a photo lab. 

If you need to develop disposable cameras, 35mm, or 120 film, you can bring it to Bristol Cameras. They process C-41 colour and black and white film. 

They also accept APS and 110, and while the turnaround for colour film is usually pretty quick, black and white takes a bit longer, about a week. 

Black and white film photo of a train station in Bristol.

More Places to Develop Film in Bristol

If you didn’t find quite what you were looking for, there are still more places that offer film developing in Bristol. Check out the remaining options below.

London Camera Exchange

Directions | Website | Instagram

London Camera Exchange operates a bunch of stores across the UK. Many of their locations still offer on-site film processing. 

As far as we know, the Bristol location can still develop colour and B&W film. This is certainly one of the cheapest places for film developing in town. 

Before heading in with your film, you may want to confirm that the service is still offered – some LCE locations have ceased film developing altogether.

Analogue Studios

Directions | Website | Instagram

Estate of the Arts is a multi-use arts facility located in the South of Bristol and the home of Analogue Studios, a member based darkroom. 

This is only an option for those interested in DIY film developing and the darkroom is equipped for B&W film only. 

If you fit the above requirements, a membership gets your 24/7 access to the lab with no usage restrictions.

Film photo of someones legs reflected in a mirror that creates an optical illusion.

Max Spielmann

Directions | Website | Instagram

It’s no surprise that the infamous Max Spielmann operates a few locations in Bristol. Their kiosks are located in shops you might already frequent, like Tesco and Asda. 

35mm colour and black and white film are usually accepted. With so many locations, it’s best to confirm what your nearest store offers. You can just ask them next time you’re making a run for crisps or beer. 

Snappy Snaps

Directions | Website | Instagram

Snappy Snaps used to be a UK mainstay, with 100 stores across the country at one point. While they may not be quite as ubiquitous in 2021, Bristol is one city where they remain. 

They offer 35mm film developing, both C-41 colour and black and white. One hour developing is a huge draw to bringing your film here. 

Map of Film Developing in Bristol

Anywhere Else?

Do you know of anywhere else to develop film in Bristol? Do you have a favorite from the list? Let us know in the comments!

Film photo of a vibrant sunset in Bristol.
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