Where to Develop Film in Adelaide in 2022.

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When looking at the best places to develop film in Adelaide, you’ll have more than a couple options. No matter what type of film you like to shoot, you should have no problem finding a spot to get your photos developed without leaving town. 

Whether you need the highest quality possible or you’re simply looking for the fastest film developing in Adelaide, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve included which types of film are accepted by each lab and a map of their locations. Check out the list below to find all of the places that you can develop film in Adelaide.

Atkins Lab

Location: 89 Fullarton Rd, Kent Town SA 5067, Australia

Geared toward professional clients, Atkins Lab is definitely one of the best places to develop film in Adelaide. We’ll be upfront – this certainly isn’t the cheapest film developing you can find – but most customers of this lab are much more concerned with quality than price. 

Every type of film is accepted by Atkins. You can develop 35mm, 120, and large format film – C-41 colour, black and white, and E-6.

Both colour and slide film are processed dip and dunk and B&W is processed by hand. You can usually expect a 5 day turnaround for developing and scans. 

You’ll have your choice of two different scanners and all scans are colour corrected. Atkins even encourages new customers to provide reference images to help them nail your preferred “look” on all future orders. 

It’s worth noting that they offer a discount when developing 10+ rolls and you can also apply to become a “pro” client, which unlocks different pricing and other benefits. 

Film photo of a musician on stage at a concert in Adelaide.

Hutt Street Photos

Location: 186 Hutt St, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

Hutt Street Photos is a Kodak Express location that offers fast film developing in Adelaide. Aside from film services, you can expect to find standard photo lab offerings like printing, scanning, and other photo finishing. 

You can visit Hutt Street if you’re looking to develop disposable cameras, 35mm, or 120 film. Black and white, colour, and slide film are all accepted. 

If you shoot less common formats, APS, 110, and 126 formats can also be developed. 

Black and White Photographics

Location: 31 George St, Stepney SA 5069, Australia

Don’t be fooled by the name – you can develop any type of film at Black and White Photographics

35mm and 120 film are both accepted, whether it is black and white (obviously), colour, or E-6. You’ll have your choice of two sizes of scans with developing.

Especially for slide film, onsite processing is becoming harder to find. Fortunately, Black and White Photographics handles all film developing in house – a handful of other labs even send their customers’ film here. 

Adelaide Photo Factory

Location: Shop 32 Regent Arcade, 101 Rundle Mall, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

Adelaide Photo Factory is a photoshop and lab completely dedicated to analogue photography. You love to see it. 

You’ll be able to develop medium format and 35mm film whether it is C-41 colour or black and white. Two sizes of scans are available.

Aside from the lab services, Photo Factory stocks instant cameras, darkroom equipment, and plenty of fresh film. 

Black and white film photo of trees in Adelaide.

Arkaba Photos

Location: Arkaba Shopping Centre, 180 Glen Osmond Rd, Fullarton SA 5063, Australia

Arkaba Photos is another independent photo lab that offers film developing in Adelaide. As a full-service digital lab, they can help you with anything printing or photo related. 

If you need to develop disposable cameras, 35mm, or 120 film, you can bring them to Arkaba. They accept C-41 colour, black and white, and slide film. 

Ted’s Cameras

Adelaide: 212 Rundle St, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

Marion: 297 Diagonal Rd Shop no. 2042, Oaklands Park SA 5046, Australia

Ted’s Cameras is a large, full-service photoshop chain that operates 17 stores across Australia. With over 50 years in business, they are definitely one of the biggest photo chains in the country. 

While their film offerings are limited, it’s nice that they still develop 35mm colour film. 

You can find two locations in the Adelaide area, and plenty more if you travel to other parts of Australia.

Camera House

Twin City: 120 Grenfell St, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

Central Market: 44-60 Gouger Street Adelaide Central Market Shop WR5, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

Another, even larger photo chain, Camera House has two locations that develop film in Adelaide. Their photo labs are just a small part of the operation – Camera House is a full-service photo shop with all sorts of gear and accessories.

The Twin City location can develop 35mm and 120 film, both C-41 colour and black and white. While most stores will have similar offerings, we’ve also seen some locations that are only able to develop colour film. 

It’s a good idea to check with your nearest branch to see what they’re able to develop. With over 50 stores in total, this information can change quite frequently. 

Map of Film Developing in Adelaide

Anywhere Else?

Do you know any other places that offer film developing in Adelaide? Do you have a favorite lab on the list? Let us know in the comments!

Film photo of a neighborhood with pastel clouds above.
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