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Where to Develop Film in Austin in 2022.

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Whether you’re a lifelong Austinite or just visiting, you may be surprised how difficult it can be to develop film in the area. Gone are the days of one-hour photo labs and rolls of Kodak sold at every drugstore…

Not to worry, as we’ve found all of the best places to develop film, including which types of film are accepted, as well as a map of their locations. 

Film photo of buildings in Austin, TX at night, illuminated in red light

Holland Photo Imaging

Location: 2125 Goodrich Ave suite a, Austin, TX 78704

Ask a handful of local Austin photographers where they like to get their film developed, and the most common answer is sure to be Holland Photo. In the four decades they’ve been in business, Holland has become the go-to spot for professionals and amateur photographers alike. 

No matter what type of film you prefer to shoot, you’ll most likely be able to go to Holland Photo to get it developed. 35mm, 120, and large format sheet film are all developed, whether color, black and white, or even slide film. Dip and dunk processing ensures high-quality results. 

Aside from film processing, Holland Photo specializes in high-end printing for any type of project. “We can print anything on everything” does a good job summarizing what type of services you can expect to find; whether you’re a pro photographer or a small business owner, Holland Photo should be able to print whatever you need. 

For more information and a complete list of services, check out Holland Photo Imaging

Lago Vista Film Lab

Location: 2021 Guadalupe St Suite 260, Austin, TX 78705

While only established in 2017, Lago Vista Film Lab has already lived many lives. Started by a professional photographer devoted to shooting analog, the first iteration of Lago Vista was a mail-in-only lab in Florida. The business headed West to Texas in 2019, and it wasn’t until 2021 that the lab opened to customers (there are plans to open a proper storefront in the next year).

Most film formats are accepted at Lago Vista; C-41 color, black and white, and E-6 slide film are all developed on site. This covers 35mm, 120, and even large format film.

As you can expect from a photo lab opened by a pro photographer, there aren’t many additional services available. Film processing is the sole focus at Lago Vista, and instead of providing additional services to bring in more customers, they just focus on processing film and doing it well. 

There aren’t hard-and-fast developing times, but your film is always developed as quickly as possible, oftentimes available for pickup the same day. 

If you’re interested, you can visit Lago Vista Film Lab.

Film photo of balloons stuck in a telephone wire in Austin, TX

Austin Camera and Imaging

Location: 5350 Burnet Rd #8, Austin, TX 78756

Coming up on their first decade in business, Austin Camera has become a fantastic destination for film photographers in Austin. Not quite a full-service photoshop, not quite just a lab, most analog shooters could find something of interest at Austin Camera and Imaging. 

35mm and medium format 120 film are both developed for color, black and white, and E-6 color reversal film. You can also bring odd formats (110/126/127/620/APS) for processing. 

Standard photo lab offerings such as printing, video transfer, and scanning are all available, but what sets Austin Camera apart from other labs is the great selection of used gear, fresh film, and on-site repairs. Any victims of G.A.S can offload any dusty gear for cash, and everyone knows: more cash = more Portra 400.  

You can find more information and an online shop at Austin Camera & Imaging.

Precision Camera

Location: 2438 W Anderson Ln, Austin, TX 78757

The oldest lab on our list, Precision Camera has been serving photographers in Austin since 1976. If you need something more than film processing, you’ll likely be able to find it at Precision, a full-service camera shop with an extensive list of services and products. 

The most common film formats can be processed; 35mm and 120 film, whether C-41 color, black and white, or E-6. Unfortunately, not all film is developed in-house, which can lead to long waits to get your film back (anything developed out-of-house is sent to Holland Photo). 

While this may not be the best spot if you’re just looking to develop film, it may be worth checking out regardless. Some notable services are camera repairs, classes, rentals, and a used section. 

If you want to learn more, you can check out Precision Camera

Map of the Best Places to Develop Film in Austin

Film photo of Austin, TX skyline at night

Anywhere Else?

Do you know anywhere else to develop film in Austin? Any experience at any of the labs listed above? Let us know in the comments!

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