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Where to Develop Film in Houston in 2022.

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There’s no denying that plenty of photographers are trading in the convenience of digital cameras and returning to film. While the sales of film have been rising, it’s become difficult to find a place for developing after the digital camera revolution obliterated photo labs’ business. 

Luckily, between long-standing labs that never shut their doors and new businesses opened to help keep the medium alive, you’ll still be able to get your film developed no matter where you’re located.

Check out our list of the best places for film developing in Houston with a map of their locations.

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FLATS Film Lab

Location: 2402 Montrose Blvd, Houston, TX 77006

FLATS Film Lab tops our list of best places for film developing in Houston. Not only do they do a fantastic job developing and scanning all sorts of film, but they also host photo exhibitions aimed at promoting the work of Houston photographers.

You’ll be able to drop off your film for developing whether you shoot 35mm, 120, or 4×5; their services cover C-41 color, black and white, and even E-6 slide film. FLATS offers a variety of options for scanning, depending on what size files you need.

There is also the option of purchasing prints from your film, although printing is sent out to another lab and can take a decent amount of time to get back to you. A variety of film stocks, as well as disposable cameras, are available to purchase in person, or on their online shop.

One of the reasons we like FLATS so much is their “nomadic photography exhibition series held in homes around the Houston area”. Foregoing traditional gallery exhibits provides a much more interesting, community-oriented way to view the work of up and coming photographers.

If you’d like to learn more about their developing services and find out about upcoming exhibits, visit FLATS Film Lab.

The Photo Lab

Location: 1227 Antoine Dr, Houston, TX 77055

While there aren’t a ton of options for developing film in Houston, one spot has been around since before the digital camera revolution took the world by storm. The Photo Lab has been in business since 1981, still providing services for photographers who prefer to stick with film.

Their offerings aren’t the most extensive, but should be adequate for the majority of film shooters; 35mm and 120 are both processed in house, color or black and white. You’ll also be able to get scans or prints of your freshly developed film.

Aside from their film-related services, The Photo Lab also offers photo restoration as well as headshots (with an excellent reputation for the quality of both of these offerings).

You can find more information at The Photo Lab.

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Our Favorite Places to Develop Film Outside of Houston

While there aren’t too many places for film developing in Houston city limits, here are a few other labs we like, located in the greater Houston area.

Kingwood Photo Lab

Location: 4003 Rustic Woods Drive #F2, Kingwood, TX 77339

Located about 30 miles north of Houston in Kingwood, we recommend checking out Kingwood Photo Lab. Established in 1985, they’ve gained a great reputation as a friendly, reliable place for film developing.

You’ll be able to bring your 35mm and 120 film here, whether it’s C-41 color, black and white, or slide film. You can even bring in APS or 110 film for processing.

Kingwood Photo offers a list of other services from photo restoration to printing services (including photo books), as well as video digitization. They hold the title of the only Kodak Express store in all of Texas!

For a price breakdown and a full list of services, visit Kingwood Photo Lab.

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Humble Camera Center

Location: 114 E Main St, Humble, TX 77338

If you find yourself north of Houston, Humble Camera center is located just 20 miles away, in Humble, TX. 

They develop film, both color and black and white, 35mm and 120 medium format. If you’re dropping off some finished rolls, you’ll be able to stock back up, as Humble Camera sells film for 35mm, 120, and even polaroid cameras.

If you’re in the market for a camera, you can also check out their selection of used film cameras, lenses, and plenty of other accessories. 

When you add in, photo restoration services, camera repairs, and cleaning, as well as a variety of printing options, you can see why we recommend Humble Camera Center.

If you’d like more information, you can check out Humble Camera Center.

Map of the Best Places for Film Developing

Film photo of the Houston skyline

Anywhere Else?

While these may be our favorite places for film developing in Houston, maybe you know of another option. If so, please let us know in the comments!

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