Best Places to Develop Film in Tampa

Cover Photo: Trumpeter by Haiderali44, ( CC BY 2.0 ), Taken on Ilford HP5 film on a Nikon F1 

Who doesn’t love the beach?! The wind blowing through your hair, the sand in your toes, the clear blue skies. You’ll definitely want to bring some sort of camera with you and if you’ve ended up on this website, there’s a good chance that it’s a film camera. 

Whether you’re on vacation, going to school, or a permanent resident, we’re here to help you find the best place to develop disposable cameras and film in Tampa.

Check out the full list below, including which types of film are developed at each spot and a map. 

Film photo of shuffleboard courts in St Petersburg
St. Pete Shuffleboard Club by Lauren Mitchell, ( CC BY 2.0 ), Taken on a Mamiya C220

Coastal Film Lab

Location: 5110 N Rome Ave, Tampa, FL 33603

Dissatisfied with the quality of the photo labs in the area, Coastal Film Lab was started by a photographer who wanted a better place to develop film in Tampa. And that’s exactly what they’ve created. 

Coastal develops 35mm and 120 medium format film, for color or black and white. 

One thing we love is the choice of different sized scans and the ability to customize scans to your liking with color and density correction done according to your preferences.

Coastal is the type of lab that exists solely for film photographers. Services are bare bones; developing and scanning film. No printing, no funny business. 

You can also check out the owner’s side venture – an online shop for used film cameras with a pretty great selection every time we’ve checked – My Camera Closet

For more information and a price list, head to Coastal Film Lab.

Max Photo and Decor

Location: 3911 W Waters Ave Suite 6, Tampa, FL 33614

While many photo labs from the heyday of film have closed their doors over time, Max Photo and Decor has been offering film developing in Tampa since 1988. 

They offer processing of 35mm, 120, and 4×5 film, whether it is C-41 color or black and white. Additionally, APS, 110, and 126 film can all be developed, if you come across any. 

Expect to find standard photo lab services, like printing, scanning, framing, and photo restoration. 

You can find out more at Max Photo and Decor.

Film photo of a VW bug in Tampa
15_0016 by Taylor Torres, ( CC BY-SA 2.0 ), Taken on a Pentax K1000

Zebra Color

Location: 2036 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 33712

With so few places to develop film in Tampa, we searched high and low for any additional options. Located about 25 miles away in St. Petersburg, Zebra Color is a photo lab that accepts film. 

Unfortunately, they’ve stopped developing film in-house, instead sending it elsewhere. Naturally, this has led to pretty decent wait times (around two weeks) to get your film returned to you. 

While these are obviously some big caveats, the plus side is that Zebra Color develops every type of film; 35mm, 120, large format, C-41 color, black and white, and E-6 slide film can all be processed. 

Just because a lab sends their film elsewhere doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to get low-quality results. Many times, labs are just sending the film to other, comparable labs that have more demand for film processing services. 

If you live nearby and have a good sense of patience, this spot might work out for you. You can check out Zebra Color for more information.

Map of Where to Develop Film in Tampa

Other Options

If you’re new to film photography and surprised by how costly things can get, you may be wondering the cheapest way to develop film. While not as common as it once was, some drugstore chains do still process film quite inexpensively. 

That said, there is a huge asterisk to this option, and we’re not necessarily recommending going this route, just proving all of the possibilities. 

The first, and biggest thing to know is that when bringing your film to the drugstore, you likely will not get your negatives returned to you. This kind of defeats the point of even shooting film in the first place, especially if your scans are done poorly (which is quite common). 

It’s also getting harder and harder to find drugstores that even offer the service. Walmart is one of the few drugstore chains that usually still develops film. Check out the full list and other things to look out for in our Guide to Drugstore Developing.

Anywhere Else?

Film photo of vintage signage in Tampa
Silver Moon Drive-In by Lauren Mitchell, ( CC BY 2.0 ), Taken on a Mamiya C220

Do you know anywhere else to develop film in Tampa? Have you tried any of the labs on our list? Let us know in the comments!

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