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Where to Develop Film in Seattle in 2022.

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The Pacific Northwest’s breathtaking landscape is the subject of many analog photographers’ work, and for good reason. But for a city with so many film photographers, it may surprise you how few photo labs are still in business. 

Read on to find out where you can develop film in Seattle and find out which lab will be best suited for your needs. 

We’ve included a full list of services available at each lab, as well as a map of their locations. 

Film photo of an aerial view of Seattle

Best Places to Develop Film in Seattle

If you’re looking to stay within central Seattle to get your film developed, you have limited choices. Depending on what type of photographer you are (and what type of film you like to shoot), the best place to develop your film should be easy to find after checking out the list below.

Panda Lab

533 Warren Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

As local legend would have it, a decade after the oldest Seattle photo lab opened, a few of its employees decided they wanted to start a lab of their own. Located so close to the Space Needle that you could hit it with a rock, it’s hard to get more centrally located than Panda Lab.

Most film formats are accepted; 35mm, 120, and sheet film are all processed, whether C-41 color, black and white, or E-6 slide film. Black and white is traditionally processed by hand.

Additional offerings are pretty limited, as traditional photography is really the name of the game. RC and Fiber prints can be purchased, as well as Giclee prints and standard digital printing services. 

Notably, if you’re South of Fremont, Panda Lab is the only place available to develop color and slide film. 

You can find a full list of services and prices at Panda Lab

Photographic Center Northwest

Location: 900 12th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122

Only certain photographers are going to be interested in checking out PCNW: they don’t offer film processing, but they do have a fantastic black and white darkroom that anyone can rent, if they want to develop and/or print their own B&W film. 

You’ll need to know how to develop film, and the lab is only equipped to process black and white film. If you’d like to know how to do things yourself but aren’t quite there yet, you can find classes to learn everything you need to know. 

The main focus of Photographic Center Northwest is expanding photographic education to those interested. Aside from the darkroom classes, you can find everything from weekend workshops all the way to a year-long certificate program.

One noteworthy benefit of this darkroom is that it’s open to the public and doesn’t require a membership, which is a deterrent at a lot of other similar community darkrooms. Members and students get a significant discount on services, though. 

To learn more about the robust offerings available, go to Photographic Center Northwest.

Film photo of light coming through windows at the Seattle Library

Pound Arts – The Photocloset

Location: 1216 10th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122

Similar to PCNW, The Photocloset at Pound Arts is another community-driven arts organization that includes a black and white darkroom as one of their offerings. 

Once again, this is only a valid option for black and white shooters interested in spending some quality time of their own in the darkroom. 

Monthly membership is required and that includes developing chemistry, storage space, and use of all of the equipment in their darkroom and digital workstation. 

For more information on the darkroom and the rest of their facilities, visit Pound Arts – The Photocloset.

Where to Develop Film in North Seattle

If you find yourself in North Seattle, you’ve got a few great options for developing your film, all without having to wait in traffic on the bridge.

Shot on Film Store

Location: 12322 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA 98125

True to the name, Shot on Film Store is a photography shop and photo lab that is all about analog. While newer to the game than some of their competitors, you can tell that a true passion for film photography motivates everything they do at this lab.

Most photographers could take their film to Shot on Film, as they develop C-41 color, black and white, and E-6 film, whether it is 35mm or medium format. This is your spot if you shoot odd/outdated film formats; Advantix, 126/127, and 110 film can all be processed.

Black and white film is processed by hand and is tailored to your specific developing requests, for ultimate control over your images. 

A thorough selection of fresh film as well as a constantly changing inventory of used gear make this a destination for any film photographers in Seattle. 

More information and an online shop can be found at Shot on Film Store

Film photo of a person feeding seagulls in Seattle


Location: 6751 8th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98117

The longest running photo lab in the city of Seattle, Moonphoto has a well-earned reputation for being extremely knowledgeable about all things film photography.

You’ll have no problem developing 35mm and 120 film, whether it is C-41 color, black and white, or E-6 slide film. APS can also be processed if you ever have the need.

Everything at Moonphoto is done very carefully, with analog photography in mind; other services include high resolution film scanning, photo prints (both digital, as well as fine art Gilcee prints), and hand retouching/restoration. 

If you’d like to check out Seattle’s oldest photo lab, visit Moonphoto.

Kenmore Camera

Location: 6708 NE 181st St, Kenmore, WA 98028

Opened in the same year as Moonphoto (1974), Kenmore Camera is another long standing haven for photographers in the Seattle area. While Kenmore is more of a photo superstore, they haven’t totally left film shooters hanging. 

C-41 color film in 35mm and APS are the only types of film processed. 

Expect to find just about any photo or video related accessory you could ever dream of, as well as a used section (including film cameras and vintage lenses) where you can buy, or trade in your used gear.

Basic printing services are offered, as well as occasional events, classes, and workshops.

For more information, you can check out Kenmore Camera.

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Where to Develop Film on the Eastside

If you’re located on the Eastside and would rather not spend an hour or two sitting in your car, there is one spot to get your film developed without crossing Lake Washington. 

Omega Photo

Location: 210 105th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004

Opened over 80 years ago and holding the title as the only photo lab on the Eastside, Omega Photo is going to be the closest place to develop film for anyone in Kirkland, Redmond, or Bellevue. 

Film processing services aren’t the most inclusive, but should still fit most people’s needs. 35mm and 120 film are both developed in color, as well as black and white. 

You can expect to find other standard photo lab offerings: printing, restoration, custom photo books, etc. 

If you’re interested, you can find out more at Omega Photo

Map of the Best Places to Develop Film in Seattle

Film photo of a silhouette of someone watching the sunset

Anywhere Else?

Do you anywhere else to develop film in Seattle? Any experience with any of these labs? Let us know in the comments. 

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