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Where to Develop Film in San Antonio in 2023.

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Finding a place to develop film in San Antonio isn’t as easy as it once was…

Although your options are limited, the Alamo City still has a few photo labs that offer film developing in 2022. Check out the list to see which types of film each spot accepts and a map of their locations.

We’ve also included some additional options, in case you can’t find what you’re looking for.

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Color (C-41)

Black & White

Slide (E-6)




Film photographers in San Antonio love Digital Pro Lab for their quick turnaround time and great customer service. 

Their film processing services run the full gamut – 35mm and 120 medium format film in C-41 color, black and white, and E-6 color reversal. They also develop APS and 110/126. They’ll print on pretty much anything you can imagine.

Digital Pro Lab offers a wide variety of additional services, including photo retouching and restoration, video digitization, and photo book printing and design. 

Don’t forget to check out their Film Lover’s Special for a discount on developing, printing, and scanning your 35mm film.

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Color (C-41)

Black & White

Slide (E-6)




Like Digital Pro Lab, SAPL Imaging is highly regarded for its customer service and high-quality work – not just in San Antonio, but throughout south-central Texas.

This San Antonio photo lab develops 35mm, 120 medium format, and 4×5 sheet film. They have processing available for C-41 color, black and white, and E-6 slide film.

Additional photographic products include gallery wrap canvas, hardcover photo books, UV printing on wood, metal, and acrylic, and much more.

Map of Film Developing in San Antonio 

More Options

While both of the film photo labs in San Antonio have solid reputations, you may still be wondering what your other options are.

Especially if you’re a beginner in film photography, you’re probably trying to save money wherever you can – shooting film can be very expensive in 2022.

In years past, many people would turn to drugstore photo chains for a cheaper option than a dedicated photo lab, oftentimes with a quicker turnaround, too.

But just like everything else, big changes have taken place and this isn’t quite as valid of an option as it was 10+ years ago.

For starters, the majority of chain drugstores have discontinued film processing altogether. And the stores that still offer the service usually send film from every single store to one location for processing.

Sure, you may save a dollar or two per roll, but outsourcing your film means that the turnaround is usually quite long (around a week), and more importantly, you probably won’t even get your negatives back.

It’s been a lonnng time since we’ve trusted a drugstore photo lab with our precious film. These days, we’re much more likely to send our film in the mail if we can’t find somewhere to drop off in person.

Many labs make the process incredibly simple by offering a way to place your order online before dropping your rolls in the mail. Some even offer free, prepaid mailers.

Even if your favorite lab doesn’t have an online ordering system, they should be perfectly capable of helping develop your film, no matter where you’re located.

Just make sure to follow a few important steps to insure your valuable package makes it to its destination. We also have a few suggestions of great online photo labs worth checking out if you don’t already have a favorite.

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Anywhere Else?

Did we miss anywhere else for developing film in San Antonio? Let us know in the comments below!

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